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22 December 2022

Today when I have electricity I've moved server to new dedi server with very good latency.
This change should fix reported earlier lags in the game. This is the most important change.

Whats next?

Big update!

  • 180+ new quests (item weapons, equipment)

  • Guild Locations

  • Improvements in server economy (mvp system related)

  • Reported & found bugfixes

  • New Game Master in the game.


As you know I'm from Ukraine. Ukraine bombed almost everyday.

Our official intelligence reported that in few days there will be very big wave of rocket attack that will shoot people & infrastructure.

That means - it will affect me too. My electricity, heat, water, internet, battery charge, etc.

That means need to wait some time when i will recover. It will take unknown amount of time.

But I'm interested to release the update as soon as it possible.

So the update will be 100% + new ads for new wave of players.

Just stay tuned. Soon!