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3 December 2022

Fixed reported by players issues related to:

  • Endless Tower and Endless Cellar (reduced cooldown to 2 days)

  • Fixed Enchant bonus did not applied to the item

  • Fixed issue with few cards not stack in the same item

  • Fixed Endless tower & other maps did not work properly because of bugs above.

  • Turned off temporary Hunting System. We will release complete system soon.

    These bugs introduced in the previous update. Thx to the players - the bugs fixed asap.

Whats will happen next?

Today we gather information from players how to improve the game server.
Based on players suggestions, opinions, we know the path where and how we will develop and improve the game server.
In short: we plan to add many new items, new quests, with item bonuses, new MVP system, and improved many other systems in the game.

When? As soon as it physically possible.

Thank you very much for reporting about problems to chat, and for your suggestions.

In the next releases there will be a lot of new changes to the game server!