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26 November 2022


Wew. This is extremely hard to do upgrade. As you know I'm living in Ukraine, and russian terrorist state bomb every single day cities and blackout whole country. No electricity, internet, water, heat and so on. This is very long story, i can talk about this hours how awful russians are.

But let's back to our upgrade, because I have limited time to release it until next blackout, i will write the most important stuff.
The most important news: I did very big amount of work with a lot of most common bugfixes and preparations of adding new awesome content.
Also a big slice of new changes released today within the update too.

In short: ~1.5k headgears, new systems, 40+ bugfixes, new features, and so on. New host.

  • Cart Max Weight: 16.000, was 8000

  • Starting Zeny: 100000

  • Fixed common login issues when enter wrong pass for several tiems

Fixed issue when Agi UP Bonus not stack with a lot of items like:

  • - 1363 Bloody Axe

  • - 1372 Light Epsilon

  • - 1373 Refined Bloody Axe

  • - 2199 Ahura Mazdah

  • - 2410 Sleipnir

  • - 4131 Moonlight Flower Card

  • - 5150 Joker Jester

  • - 5203 Smiling Mask

  • - 5269 Flapping Angel Wing

  • - 5273 Happy Wig

  • - 5274 Shiny Wig

  • - 5275 Marvelous Wig

  • - 5276 Fantastic Wig

  • - 5286 Pecopeco Hairband

Fixed various issues with next mobs (drop related, skill related, etc):

  • - 1091 Dragon Fly

  • - 1502,PORING_V,Pori Pori,Bring it on!

  • - 1871 Fallen Bishop

  • - 1956 Naght Sieger

  • - 1957 Entweihen Crothen

  • - 1987 Centipede

  • - 1990 Hardrock Mammoth

  • - 1999 Centipede Larva

  • - 2086 Rake Scaraba

And these ones aswell:

  • - 3901 Aquaring

  • - 3902 Creaming

  • - 3903 Grandoling

  • - 3904 Lemoning

  • - 3905 Lovering

  • - 3906 Pandoring

Another set of changes

  • Fixed bug when: Feel Skil click cancel button you stuck in game.

  • MVP Vouncher will be automatically added to your inventory, instead drop to the ground.

  • Fixed some item bonuses scripts which did not work properly or work incorrect as expected (affected many items (not only in the list above)).

  • Fixed issue with equipment level checks. Did not worked as expected. Now everything is fine. (related to costumes converted from original items)

  • Fixed bug with slot stacking. I.e. now try to test 2-3 kiels in helmet, everything will work much faster and better.

  • Changed behavior related to Char deletion.

  • Added command @hunt (related to new hunting system)

  • Added alternative hunting system (classic one)

  • Added superB hunting system (check prontera NPC).

Acid Demonsrtration Bottles, and EDP - dramatically reduced cost.

  • A little bit increased spawn delay for Thanatos boss monster.

  • Fixed translation issues within the game client reported or found earlier.

  • Fixed Raid wrong translation (related to 20% part)

  • Fixed required skills for Reject Sword (stalker skill) did not ask to level up strip weapon

  • Fixed Wispers of Wind incorrect description

About: Lord of Death Card, it's works like it suppose to work for more than decade already. No bugs here.

  • BG: Bradium Earring, Bradium Ring, Elemental Sword, Life Link removed from BG Erundek Shop.

  • The items listed above you can get from Guild Dungeon mobs drop. Or from other mobs in the game.

  • Added Dark Helm, Dark Belt, Dark Glove. These items from set: https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&comid=112

  • All of these items added to Erundek

MVP Arena Related

  • Fixed Theta mvp arena MVP problems (+ warp portals)

  • Added Healer & Kafra to MVP Room.

  • Some player asked about NPC with loot for creator produce skill (cooking). We will not add the NPC and such loot. Reason: we have high drop rate enough. Let keep balance here. People who wish to hunt and get some potions for themselves for PVE - can do that. For PVP and BG we have BG Telma.

Quest Shop Related

  • 1,2 = As you see you have item in your chat window & in NPC window. If you click Quest item name in chat window you will open window #3

  • On Window #3 you can click "Wear Costume" to preview the item on yourself.

  • On Window #4 you can see how your character will looks like with the preview button.

Quester NPC (quest shop): improved, not its much more informative and helpful then before.

Dragon Related

Nydhoggrs Mirror added to the new map.

How to access? Use the warper -> Instances -> Nydhogugrs Nest -> go to warp portal.

  • On the map somewhere is spawned MVP that drop Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb[1]

  • Because this is one of the most hardest MVPs in the game, we made access to MVP to all.

  • But the access will be only 2 times per day. The MVP will spawn Every 12 hours at 10:00, and 22:00

  • No matter what. Even if MVP killed earlier or later - it will spawn every day at that time.

  • You can check current status of the MVP here (on the same map)

  • What about classic Quest? It's still the same, remain untouched.

  • You can do Instance, and can warp to this map too. Totally different MVPs from server-side of view.

Why these changes made? To make for some players who do not want to do long and complicated quest.

Wedding related:

  • Completely rewritten and tested: Wedding Process, Divorse, Adoption.

  • Totally changed everything. Allowed same-sex marriage.

  • Fixed founded problems with adoption, with divorse and so on.

  • Everything is well tested, and works perfectly fine now.

Improved PVP system:

  • Splitted battle requiter to two different stand-alone NPCs.

  • Classic Battle Recruiter for join BG.

  • PVP Arena for joining PVP via single click

  • @gobg, or @go 15 to warp directly into BG Room.

  • Added new PVP ranking system.

  • Added statues back side of the prontera center.

  • Hold Shift + Click on charater to check his stats.

  • Hunt and kill more players for getting own statue in the prontera.

Added new Battleground PVP Mode.

GTB Bug Card changes:

  • - Will block 50% of all magical damage.

  • - Immune to status spells

Added item mall, and new vending map.

  • Use @vend, @go 15, or @mall to warp there or via Warper.

  • About item mall: You can purchase most popular items in one place.

More than 1200 new costumes headgears added to the game

  • Added ~1200 new headgears to the game.

  • Around ~1300 to Costumes NPC in the center of prontera.

  • Added ability to preview items by clicking link in chat:

  • - affect quester NPC

  • - affect costume shop

  • Removed costumes from Cashshop button and added to NPC "Thousand of Costumes"

  • For what? For make less lags, and easy navigate via cashshop.

You can preview all added costumes here on the video:

What else?

  • Hosting changed to a new location

  • Improved patch server

  • Totally changed design of the website and optimized speed of the website

  • Changed different technical related things to make game faster, better.

Whats next?

Because this upgrade was a big problem in release, after the upgrade unlocked ability to improve game content by adding new promised features related to PVP system, BG, MVP System, new achievement system, new pet related system, new WoE related stuff. Daily rewards, newbie rewards, guild packages, and so on. All of that we will add within the next upgrades that will be very soon.